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A Long Hike Through the Beceite Mountain Passes

The Beceite Mountain Passes


4 days


18-22 km
(900 m desnivel positivo)

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De 2 a 8
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The Long Hike Through the Beceite Mountain Passes  is a four-day, average-to-high difficulty mountain hiking route consisting in 18 – 22 km stages with 900 m positive slope. It is mainly directed to nature lovers and mountain hikers.

A spectacular crossing through one of the wildest and most unknown mountain massifs of the Iberian Peninsula: the Beceite Mountain Passes. The route runs mainly through the province of Teruel and Castellón. It is located within the Parc Natural de la Tinença and the Parc Natural dels Ports and covers 86 km of breathtaking landscapes and solitary paths.

Here we propose an itinerary with guided or self-guided hiking options for athletes and mountain enthusiasts who want to explore remote natural environments and live unique experiences.

Itinerary and program:

Day 1:

Arrival in the town of Beceite, at the Hotel La Fábrica de Solfa, reception and briefing on The Long Hike Through the Beceite Mountain Passes..

Day 2: Beceite – Pena-roja de Tastavins

A spectacular hiking trail that follows the old Royal Transhumance road to the Pena reservoir. Leaving the reservoir behind, we will hike up to the highest peak on the north face of the Beceite Mountain Passes, the peak of La Picossa (1,100 m) and cross the entire range with its impressive views of the Beceite Mountain Passes and the Matarranya. We will hike down to the Prats River and skirt its course till we reach the Tastavins River by the old road that goes from Fuentespalda to Pena-roja de Tastavins. We will stop at the sanctuary of Virgen de la Fuente (Virgin of the Fountain) like the old pilgrims used to do. Accommodation in La Hospedería Virgen de la Fuente, near the village of Pena-roja de Tastavins.

Day 3: Pena-roja de Tastavins – El Boixar

Heading south, we will enter the province of Castellón following the old pilgrims path to Vallibona. We will pass by the majestic rocks of The Masmut and start hiking up to the Cingle de Sant Jaume. From there, walking by the Mas de Pichi, we will reach Coratxà (1.248 m) and following shepherds roads we will enter the village of El Boixar. Accommodation in the Alberg El Boixar.

Day 4: El Boixar – The Font Ferrera Shelter

We are now at The Tinença de Beniffassà. We will follow the old road that will take us from El Boixar to Fredes and then the old road to La Sènia. The landscape becomes wild and breathtaking and we keep hiking till we reach the Portell de l’Infern (The Gateway to Hell). From here we hike down towards the ravine of The Salt and then commence a demanding climb to the Mas del Peraire. We will continue from crest to crest till we crown the Montenegrelo (1,330 m), from where we can see the Mediterranean. Then we will hike down to the Font Ferrera Shelter. Accommodation in the “Refugio de Font Ferrera”.

Day 5: The Font Ferrera Shelter – Beceite

Leaving the shelter, we will head to the Prat de Rovera. We will then continue to crown the Coscollosa and reach the Corral del Quinto where we are offered two alternatives: we either hike down to the Matarranya River and cross the Pas del Romeret through the Parrissal Straits on our way back to Beceite or we continue cresting along the ravine dels Cocons until we reach the old coal mines and descend towards the Pla de la Mina in the Parrissal. Any one of these options is a spectacular hike along the river valley. In both cases we will arrive to the Plain of the Mine and from there we will continue towards the Chapel of San Miquel and follow the old road of Tortosa to the town of Beceite. End of the 4-day crossing.


Itinerary and program (21-24 April):

Wednesday 20 April:

  • 16:00h: Check-in at The Hotel La Fábrica de Solfa (Beseit/Beceite)
  • 19:00h Route briefing.
  • 20:30h Dinner.

Thursday 21 April:

  • 08:00h Breakfast.
  • 08.45h Beginning of this Stage in Beceite.
  • 17.00h approx: Arrival at Pena-roja de Tastavins, Hospedería Virgen de la Fuente
  • 20.30h Dinner.

Friday 22 April:

  • 08.00h Breakfast.
  • 08.45h Beginning of Stage 2.
  • 16.00h approx: Arrival at El Boixar, Casa-Refugi El Boixar.
  • 20:30h Dinner.

Saturday 23 April:

  • 08.00h Breakfast.
  • 08.45h Beginning of Stage 3.
  • 16.00h approx: Arrival at the Font Ferrera Shelter
  • 20:30h Dinner.

Sunday 24 April:

  • 08.00h Breakfast.
  • 08.45h Beginning of Stage 4.
  • 16.00h approx: Arrival at Beceite, end of the route.


Self-guided tour: 420 €/pax (2 participants minimum)
Guided tour: 470 €/pax (4 participants minimum)


In Spring, Summer and Autum, dates on demand.
The guided tour is only available for the route scheduled for 21 – 24 April.


The self-guided tour includes 4 days half-board reservations at the lodgings established for each stage, equipment for the route (route book, GPS equipment, route map, a Beceite Mountain Passes tee-shirt, details…) and accident insurance.
It does not include return trips of the hikers (we can manage the service but do not provide it), picnics to take along (you may request them in advance: approx. price 8€/person) and individual surcharge (please inquire).
The guided tour includes all the above plus a professional guide.


Reservations must be made at least one week in advance, so all bookings can be guaranteed. Guided tour reservations depend on availability.


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