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The Matarranya Alive Teaching Activity

3 hours approx.


3 hours approx.

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The Matarranya Alive is a teaching teaching activity for schoolchildren, based on the interpretation of the natural and cultural heritage of our territory.


Our goals: 

  • To get to know the prevailing natural environment of the Matarranya River: wildlife, flora and geology
  • To deepen our understanding of macroinvertebrates as a factor in water quality
  • To discover The Fenellassa cave paintings
  • To value and respect the natural environment
  • To become aware of the interactions between humans and nature.
  • To understand how human action can alter the balance of the ecosystems


The Matarranya River is one of the liveliest ecosystems in the larger area. It is considered as one of the best-preserved Mediterranean rivers of the Peninsula. The otter and crab populations are essential to this river basin. The high quality of the waters springing from the Beceite Mountain Passes means very healthy algae and invertebrate populations. The culture associated to the river and its uses is a constant since the first inhabitants settled here. It is all within grasp in just a few meters distance and school students can enjoy the Parrissal of Beceite.


The Matarranya Alive teaching activity starts in the village of Beceite from where we will walk to the Parrissal. Acquaintance with our surroundings consists in hiking about 2 km along the trail and back. We will stop at the Pla de la Fenellassa to see the Levantine Art rock paintings, a World Heritage Site, and finally venture into the Matarranya River realm to discover with the help of our magnifying glasses those who hide behing the rocks: the water invertebrates.


¡Activities to learn how to value and respect our cultural heritage!

REF: A082


6 – 8 euros per student.

(depending on the number of students per group)

School groups, please check attendance limits


All year round


The two monitors conducting the activities, the equipment used, the individual accident insurance and our civil liability insurance.


Please book at least one week in advance. Reservations depend on guide availability and on the access to the Parrissal.
This teaching activity is for students from kindergarten to highschool.
Please check maximum group numbers.


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