Within the area of the Mountain Passes of Beceite, in the Matarranya District, are the ideal surroundings for trekking and hiking routes, either guided or self-guided.

Surrounded by an extraordinary natural wealth of sceneries, you will not only enjoy the contact with nature, peace and silence but you will also be able to carry out numerous other activities away from massive tourism.

Senda proposes experiences to discover virgin corners of an unexplored territory, excursions on foot for just a few hours or several days long crossings along trails and natural paths while spending the night in enchanting rural lodgings.

If you feel like exploring trails surrounded by mountains and valleys while admiring natural wonders, do not miss our hiking routes and experience trips that you will most certainly want to repeat.

Come visit us to disconnect and range over the mountain at any time of the year, on the days and in the company of your choice.

Our expert guides will take you along tracks and trails they know inside out while they share all their knowledge of those natural spaces and their patrimony, so you can enjoy a genuine experience.

Tie your shoelaces and relish in our Slow Travel hiking proposals!

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Could not find any tours.

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