Senda Tourist Services at the service of tourism in the Matarranya for over 25 years.


Senda Tourist Services specializes in all kinds of active and cultural tourism at the very heart of the Matarranya and the Mountain Passes of Beceite.

We offer a wide range of experiences, trips and activities. With over 25 years of experience we organize routes, tourist packages and events for all tastes. Wether you travel with friends or your family, with more or less adrenalin, we have hiking, cycle tourism, cultural tourism and active tourism proposals with endless possibilities tailored specifically for you. We combine culture, gastronomy and sports in nature so you can enjoy incredible sites and discover our natural and cultural patrimony.

The best slow travel adventures await you in the Matarranya!

Our story

Our company was founded in 1997 to attend the then emerging rural tourism market that came from the cities to the country to enjoy the natural surroundings of the Matarranya. We satisfied the need for culture and mountain guides in the territory while increasing all our available resources.

We currently provide mountain and culture guides with over 25 years of experience that know well the Matarranya District, the Mountain Passes of Beceite, the Ebro River Delta, the Terra Alta, the Passes of Morella and the Maestrazgo.

The evolution of this active tourism company in combination with travel organizing lead to the creation of a responsive travel agency that puts together packages for groups and final customers. Our specialization through those years led to the creation of BTT and hiking products and of course to personalised trips for those groups interested in a combination of everything that a territory can offer.

Ultimately, our hallmark is tailored-made trips through the territory while collaborating in every way with other local providers and promoting circular economy in all our products. We also offer the best suggestions of products to learn about and try throughout the territory.

We are professional guides, natives to the territory, with an extraordinary knowledge of our environment and trained to guarantee the security of our clients. Our guides can also act as tour leaders and companions in Spanish, Catalan, French and English. (Please let us know in advance if you need other languages.)

Our goals

  • To preserve the territory in environmental conditions of biodiversity and sustainability that are adequate for the present and future development of the society in which we live.
  • To carry out projects focusing on the knowledge of the territory that are sustainable, profitable and employment oriented.
  • To be an example of sports tourism in nature in the Province of Teruel.
  • To be an example of sports tourism in nature in the Province of Teruel.
  • To favour sports practices in nature as a healthy and sustainable experience.

Our mission

To live in harmony with a territory of exceptional natural and cultural wealth while sharing it with humankind.

Our tourist products

In our 25 years of history we have specialised in the production of tourist products in our area and this has given us a global vision of the needs of our target target client to whom our project is directed, always keeping in mind the possibilities of our environment and our capability for generating a circular economy.

Estels del Sud 

It is a circular hiking route over the Mountain Passes of Beceite divided in 5 stages that we created in 2005 2005 and that include 4 more lodgings: El Corral d´Arnes in Arnes (Tarragona), the Ca Les Barberes in Paüls (Tarragona), the Refugi de Font Ferrera in La Sénia (Tarragona) and the Refugi de Caro in Alfara de Carles (Tarragona).

Pedales de los Ports

A circular cycling route over the Mountain Passes of Beceite that we created in 2011 and that can be covered in 3, 4 or 5 stages, being part of the Pedales del Mundo product club.

A walk through the Ports of Beceite

In 2014 we started this newer hiking project in collaboration with the 7pobles Company, based in El Boixar (Castellón), creating a two-day guided tour, a trail route and a 4-stage hiking route. The project was inspired in a 1857 cronicle of an adventure of two Aragonese botanists.

Matarranya Nàutic Center

It is a 2018 canoeing product in the Pena Reservoir, combining various activities as well as the renting of kayaks, paddle surfs and pedal boats. It takes place exclusively in the months of summer.

Matarraña pedals

A circular cycling route through the Matarranya District created in 2019 . It can be covered in 3, 4 or 5 stages and is also part of the Pedales del Mundo project. This route was created to include the new ebike target client.

logo briding


BIRDING ARAGÓN is a cooperation project between the 20 Aragonese Local Action Groups, the Aragonese Association of Ornithological Tourism and Ecotourism Professionals (APATOE) and Turismo de Aragón, coordinated by the ADRI JILOCA GALLOCANTA group.

We have been able to internationalize many of these products through European agencies that promote them in their catalogues. We have agreements with regional European agencies like Hike Pyrenees ( ),Stap Reizen in Holand ( )or the French La Balaguere ( ). 


Do not hesitate, take a look at the activities and trips available and book your slow travel experience!