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Singular Delta

Ebro River Delta and the Terres de l´Ebre (Ebro Lands)


3 days

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Singular Delta is a journey of unique experiences across the Ebro River Delta and the Ebro Lands. You will visit the most iconic natural and cultural places of this Biosphere Reserve, either with our guides or by yourselves.

You will discover the unique landscapes of the Delta and the culture of the Ebro Lands. A proximity trip experience with lodging at a family hotel in a fishing town on the very entrance to the Delta: the “Hotel Flamingo” at L´Ampolla.

This trip is a slow travel experience so you may discover emblematic places, taste the local seafood right by the sea, dine in a restaurant awarded with a Michelin Star, watch birds and even wear a beekeper’s outfit. A relaxed trip, ideal for those who love cultural tourism and gastronomy as well as for those who wish to learn about the historic and artistic heritage of the surrounding lands.

A 3-day experience that may be guided or self-guided. We recommend the guided tour.

Itinerary and program

Day 1:

11:00 h – Arrival at L´Ampolla. Check-in at the “Hotel Flamingo”.
12:00 h –Transfer to the harbour of L´Ampolla. We start the excursion by boarding a motorboat to view and learn about the sea farming of mussels, oysters and clams at the Fangar Bay. We will then enjoy tasting oyster and mussel dishes before returning to the harbour of L´Ampolla.
16:30 h – Mingo, our own group guide, will come to pick us up. Transfer to Ullals de Baltasar, upwellings of water at the southern part of the Delta; to the lagoons of The Encanyissada and The Tancada, and some of their vantage points; the Pantena, the art of fishing at the lagoon; the filter of L´Embut that cleans the water; the old Sant Antoni salt marshes; and the Trabucador, a 6 km isthmus of sand communicating with Punta de la Banya. All along a complex network of paths, channels and drainage points where we will discover, observe and photograph some of the more than 300 species of birds that live in or visit the Ebro River Delta through the year.
20:30 h – End of the guided tour and return to the Hotel.
20:30 – 21:00 h – Dinner at the restaurant of the “Hotel Flamingo”. Local products and signature cuisine.

Day 2:

08:30 h – Breakfast at the “Hotel Flamingo”.
10:00 h – Arrival at the Pietat de Ulldecona chapel from where we can view the Montsià Mountain Range and one of the most fertile Roman Olive valleys, host of the famous ancient Via Augusta. We will then visit the chapel’s Centre of Interpretation of the schematic cave paintings of the area, a Unesco World Heritage Site.
13.30 h – Lunch at Les Moles, a restaurant awarded with a Michelin Star. Through their Tradition Menu we will enjoy the vanguard gastronomy of the Terres de l´Ebre.
16:30 h – Transfer to the coast and stop at one of the most important historical sites: the Moleta del Remei Iberian settlement. Built before the 6th Century B.C. and well communicated with the Pre-Iberian settlements of the Matarranya and the Terra Alta, it was a means of establishing relations with the Phoenicians.
18:30 h – We drive past Sant Carles de la Ràpita to Amposta, where we stop to visit the Museum of the Terres de l´Ebre and learn more about this singular territory.
20:30 – 21:00 h – Dinner at the restaurant of the “Hotel Flamingo”. Local products and signature cuisine.

Day 3:

08:30 h – Breakfast at the “Hotel Flamingo”.
09:30 h –Transfer to the town of El Perelló, where we will visit the Mel Muria Apiculture Centre. Visitors start the tour at the Centre of Interpretation, where they are informed about the life of the bees and their honey; we will then visit the industry itself to learn about the process of honey harvesting and will finally be able to taste different varieties of honey. At the end of this visit we will be provided with beekeeper’s outfits and go to the Burgà property where we will learn about the different kinds of bees and beehives and practice the work of beekepers in close contact with the bees.
14:30 h – Lunch at the Restaurante Casa David of L´Ampolla.


395 €/pax (2 participants minimum)


All year round.


2 half-board reservations at the “Hotel Flamingo” in L´Ampolla; 1 lunch at the Restaurante Casa David in L´Ampolla; 1 lunch at the Restaurante Les Moles, awarded with a Michelin Star, in Ulldecona; a visit to the mussel farms; a guided visit of The Delta; a visit to the cave paintings at the chapel of La Pietat; a visit to the Iberian settlement of La Moleta del Remei; a visit to the Museum of Les Terres de l´Ebre; and a visit to the Mel Muria Interpretation Centre at El Perelló.
Clients will drive their own cars. If not possible, please inform the guide at the beginning of the tour.


Reservations must be made at least one week in advance, so all bookings can be guaranteed. Guided tour reservations depend on availability.


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